EARLY BIRD (May 27th - July 5th, 2016)
  • SRP: £299.99
PRE-ORDER PRICE (July 6th - October 1st, 2016)
  • SRP: £299.99
SRP (October 1st, 2016 onward)
  • SRP: As above.




Where can I pre-order this?
Pre-order for the Ultimate Edition of Fullmetal Alchemist will be available exclusively at AllTheAnime.com and at Zavvi.com
How much is the Ultimate Edition?
The Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for this worldwide exclusive set £299.99, minus the usual retailer discounts. However there will special limited periods where you can pre-order this for exclusive pricing.

From 27th May 2016 – 5th July 2016 you will be able to pre-order this for only £124.99 (incl. free shipping) at AllTheAnime.com and Zavvi.com

From 5th July until 31st October you will be able to pre-order this for £149.99 (incl. free shipping)

NOTE: As there are only 1000 units available, once the allocation has reached its limit you will no longer be able to pre-order this. Pre-orders are available on a first come first served basis across both websites.

From release date onwards any remaining units will be £299.99 SRP with usual retailer discounts. (See FAQ section for more details.)

The release date for this is 31st October 2016. Both AllTheAnime.com and Zavvi will aim to deliver by day of release (or sooner if possible.)

What is included in this set?
This one-of-a-kind release will include:

    • The complete 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist TV series (51 episodes) on Blu-ray with both the English dub and original Japanese audio with subtitles.
    • It will come in unique packaging that is an impressive replica of “The Gate” from Fullmetal Alchemist. It will be made from Resin and limited to 1,000 in the world!
    • There will also be a 280-page large sized artwork artbook (26cm x 26cm) that will be shipped along with ‘The Gate’ in a custom mailing box.
    • There will also be two Rigid Cases and digipacks to store the entire series. In addition to this each case will 7 art cards making it a total of 14 art cards that are included.
    • On-disc extras:
      • Episode Commentaries
      • The Transmutation of a Phenomenon: An Inside Look
      • Japanese Commercial
      • L’Arc~en~Ciel ”Ready Steady Go” Video
      • Ura Hagane: Comedic Previews
      • Textless Songs
  • PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Each pre-order for the Fullmetal Alchemist Ultimate Edition Blu-ray set will come with a personalised certificate of their enrolment into the Amestris Army as a State Alchemist with their name and alchemist title, as assigned by King Bradley showing their serial number for the release too.
It is expensive yes, but we are the only country in the whole world who are producing a set like this for the series. It’s being made with high quality materials, contains 51 episodes compared to our usual ultimate editions which at most had 27 episodes and 2 movies, hence the higher price.

However, this is only the Suggested Retail Price (SRP). It does reflect what this will actually be sold for as there are retailer discounts to add to this.

How many units of the Ultimate Edition are being produced?
In total there will be only 1,000 of these being produced in the world with a total 970 being available to the public to pre-order/purchase.

How will you ship the Ultimate Edition?

Given this is the most ambitious release we have ever planned, we are sparing no expense when it comes to shipping. The entire set will be packed in bespoke packaging to hold everything in place, and then there will be a whole other box around that.

How much will shipping cost?
  • From AllTheAnime.com shipping will be absolutely free.
  • From Zavvi.com shipping to the UK will be free as well.
No. This is because we only hold the UK rights to 2003 TV series of Fullmetal Alchemist specifically. You can find details of contents in our Ultimate Edition further up in earlier sections of this page. 

I wasn't able to pre-order this, can I still get a copy?
There are only 1,000 units of these being produced. So ultimately (no pun intended) it will depend on whether all the units were all pre-ordered or not.

Should there be any additional units remaining, these will not be exclusive to AllTheAnime.com and Zavvi.com. They will be available at other retailers who will stock it. The SRP will still be £299.99, minus respective retailer discounts. Obviously until we know how many pre-orders there have been, we can’t answer this question definitively at the time of writing (May 2016).

Will their be a different version of the Blu-Ray available?
 Yes there will be a regular Anime Limited Collector’s edition Blu-ray set. It will be available over two parts. You may have noticed earlier on we mentioned there would be two rigid cases and digipacks, that’s because the Ultimate Edition comes with both halves.

More details to follow soon but expect SRP to be at least £69.99, making the pre-order special for the Ultimate Edition not an unattractive offer!

Will there be a standard DVD version available?
Yes there will be a standard edition DVD set. It will be available over two parts. More details to follow soon.